Kadara was founded based on a need to create for people who feel jewellery is not only a piece of metal or an expensive stone. Our goal is to design items that are unique and one of its kind, pieces of jewellery that would embody soul, emotions and character and by which we could expose values of a person that would wear them.

Kadara means fate, that is why our clients often become our colleagues or even our dear friends. We strongly believe nothing happens without a reason. If you found us, maybe right away you felt a need to get something magical, something special and intimate that would be close to you. Or maybe you have a desire to create with us a beautiful gift for somebody you love? Contact us and we guarantee you will be delighted.

Kadara is a group of friends brought together by fate, creativity, a will to make wonderful things and of course beauty and elegance that can be shown by jewellery.


Piotr Porowski – Designer

I love talking to people, when I listen to them, time slows down… A story told by a particular person straightaway brings to my head a contour of an item… Actually I am just a tool in the hands of my clients. It is their words that create the item, their emotions that give a shape to it, and their character that connects everything together. The effect is tremendous, one of its kind, just like a person that I create for…

Aleksandar Mihaylov – Jeweler

He started his journey as a creator of unique jewelry at the age of 12 when he was making items out of bones for his friends and family. Strong passion, unusual skills and obstinacy enabled him to master such a difficult craft. Now, after 25 years of experience, he might delight us with his talent and versatility. The pieces he makes are not ordinary tinsels, each of them is unique and possesses its magical soul…